*WP = World Première , BP = British Première , GP = German Première, USP = US Première


30.01.2018: Stony Brook, NY (US)

Workshop and performance at Stony Brook University, including music from Meg Schedel (WP), Edo Frenkel (WP), Patrick Friel and Luigi Nono


29.01.2018: Boston, MA (US)

Masterclass for the brass department at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee


28.01.2018: Brooklyn, NY (US)

Solo concert at Spektrum NYC featuring music from Haukur þór Harðarson (USP), Patrick Friel (USP) and Glenn Cornett (WP)


26-27.01.2018: Brooklyn, NY (US)

Performances at Roulette Intermedium with an Ensemble of LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI under Matthias Pintscher, including music from Frank Zappa, Edgar Varèse (on contrabass trombone), Olga Neuwirth (USP) and John Zorn


14.01.2018: Berlin (DE)

Guest tuba with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin at the Berlin Philharmonie under Jukka-Pekka Saraste, featuring music from Sergei Rachmaninoff and Jean Sibelius


10.01.2018: Berlin (DE)

Improvisation at the Geyger Art Gallery


06.01.2018: Berlin (DE)

Improvisation at Spektrum Berlin as part of the Reanimation Orchestra


31.12.2017: Potsdam (DE)

Concert with Kammerakademie Potsdam


27.12.2017: Berlin (DE)

Improvisation at Caffe Wendel as part of the Reanimation Orchestra


12.12.2017: Berlin (DE)

Guest solo tuba for the Konzerthausorchester's brass ensemble concert in the Konterthaus (Großer Saal), Christmas around the World.


10.12.2017: Berlin (DE)

Guest curator and performer in Quiet Music at labor neunzehn alongside Matthew Conley, featuring music from Evan Johnson, Mark Andre and Haukur þór Harðarson (WP).


09.12.2017: Frankfurt (DE)

Guest tuba with Ensemble Modern including music from Isabel Mundry at the Alte Oper


29.11.2017: Berlin (DE)

Improvisation at Caffe Wendel as part of the Reanimation Orchestra


26.11.2017: Berlin (DE)

Guest tuba with Landesjugendensemble Neue Musik Berlin at the Akademie der Kunst with music from Mauricio Kagel.


23.11.-02.12.2017: Potsdam (DE)

Mendelssohn Elias with the Kammerakademie Potsdam (Potsdamer Winteroper)


19.11.2017: Zepernik (DE)

Ewigkeitssontag Concert for the Randspiele Festival as part of the Newgate Brass Company, featuring music from Helmut Zapf


17.-19.11.2017: Berlin (DE)

Co-musical director for Opera Lab Berlin's production of Humbug (WP) with music from Bernhard Lang


07.11.2017: 's-Hertogenbosch (NL)

Concert with the insomnio ensemble featuring music from Heiner Goebbels


31.10.2017: Rostock (DE)

Guest solo tuba with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock


24.10.2017: Berlin (DE)

Solo concert as part of Unerhörte Musik with music from Eric Egan (WP), Patrick Friel (WP), Evan Johnson, Georges Aperghis, Emily Howard, Asia Ahmetjanova, Steven Daverson, Athena Corcoran-Tadd and Nigel McBride


15.09.-21.10.2017: Berlin (Philharmonie) (DE), Dresden (DE), Altlandsberg (DE), Potsdam (DE), Lehnin (DE) and Luckenwald (DE)

Concerts with Kammerakademie Potsdam on ophicleide with music from Felix Mendelssohn


09.09.2017: Utrecht (NL)

Concert with the insomnio ensemble featuring music from Heiner Goebbels


05.09.2017: Berlin (DE)

Concert with Marina Kifferstein at CLCLR including music from Marina Kifferstein (WP), Georges Aperghis and J. S. Bach


02-03.09.2017: Lucerne (CH) and Cologne (DE)

Concert with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY featuring music from Béla Bartók


28.08. + 03.09.2017: Lucerne (CH) and Hamburg (DE)

Concert with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY featuring music from Friedrich Cerha (Swiss Première)


27.08.2017: Lucerne (CH)

Concert with the Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY featuring music from John Luther Adams, Pierre Boulez, Wolfgang Rihm and Enno Poppe


20.08.2017: Lucerne (CH)

Concert with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY featuring music from Charles Kochlin, Claude Debussy and Heinz Holliger


05.08.2017: Berlin (DE)

Concert with Neophon Ensemble at Funkhaus Berlin as part of Detect Festival.


28.07.2017: Berlin (DE)

Concert with Neophon Ensemble at Radialsystem.


26.07.2017: Berlin (DE)

Improvisation performance at Cafe Wendel.


26.-30.06.2017: London (UK)

Workshop with the Royal Opera House on a new opera from Christian Mason


14.06.2017: Durham (UK)

Composition seminar the University of Durham for students of Eric Egan


25.05.2017: Bremen (DE)

Masters concert from Nahyun Lee at the Hochschule für Kunst Bremen


21.05.2017: Berlin (DE)

TUBASS with Adam Goodwin and Yuri Shimaoka with music from Scott Rubin (WP), Asia Ahmetjanova (WP) and Hans-Joachim Hespos


19.05.2017: Dortmund (DE)

Concert with WDR Sinfonieorchester: Berlioz Requiem


18.05.2017: Cologne (DE)

Concert with WDR Sinfonieorchester: Berlioz Requiem (also live broadcast on ARTE and WDR3)


13.05.2017: Potsdam (DE)

Concert with Kammerakademie Potsdam: Amerika


10.05.2017: Schaffhausen (CH)

Concert with Hildegard Lernt Filegen as part of the 28th Schaffhauser Jazz Festival


06.05.2017: Basel (CH)

Concert with Hildegard Lernt Fliegen as part of Offbeat


10.-12.04.2017: Lucerne (CH)

Masterclass and lessons with Bachelor and Master euphonium students from the Hochschule Luzern and the Hochschule für Kunst Bern


06.04.2017: Berlin (DE)

Successful audition to join the ZAV-Künstlervermittlung as an orchestral musician


30.03.-04.04.2017: Luxembourg (LU)

Awarded a scholarship from FOCUNA to participate in the Music Education Academy hosted by the Luxembourg Philharmonie


28.03.2017: Berlin (DE)

Recording session with Adam Goodwin in preparation for upcoming première of Scott Rubin ironic erratic erotic


14.-27.03.2017: Berlin (DE)

Coaching with Klaus Lang (bass) and Catherine Ashkenazi (soprano) for their roles in Opera Lab Berlin's upcoming production of Mauricio Kagel Staatstheatre


08.03.2017: Paris (FR)

Work with George Aperghis on the upcoming tuba version of his work Parlando


04.-06.03.2017: Oxford (UK)

Recording session with Nigel McBride of his work come, from nothing and Evan Johnson Rückenfigur


01.03.2017: London (UK)

Work with Michael Finnissy on his upcoming work for solo tuba and electronics


25.02.2017: London (UK)

Work with Patrick Friel on his upcoming solo tuba work Ezra's Telescope


21.02.2017: Cambridge MA (USA)

Concert at The Lilypad featuring solo music by Evan Johnson, Georges Aperghis, Emily Howard, Dmitri Kourliandski, Athena Corcoran-Tadd and Nigel McBride


18.02.2017: Eastman School of Music, Rochester NY (USA)

Workshop and performance of music by Edo Frenkle and Athena Corcoran-Tadd


15.02.2017: Stoney Brook University, New York NY (USA)

Seminar and performance with Emily Howard and Lasse Rempe-Gillen


14.02.2017: New York University, New York NY (USA)

Seminar and performance as part of The Waverly Project featuring music from Evan Johnson, Georges Aperghis, Emily Howard, Dmitri Kourliandski, Athena Corcoran-Tadd and Steven Daverson


12.02.2017: Brooklyn NY (US)

Guest tuba with The Rhythm Method, performance of music by Meaghan Burke and Evan Johnson


10.02.2017: Spectrum, New York NY (US)

Solo concert with works by Evan Johnson, Nigel McBride (USP), Emily Howard (USP), Athena Corcoran-Tadd (USP) and Steven Daverson (USP)


04.02.2017: Radialsystem, Berlin (DE)

James Tenney Forms 1 with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin as part of Die Welt nach Tiepolo


16.12.2016: Bremen (DE)

WP of Cheng-wen Chen Anwesende Abwesenheit


13.12.2016: Copenhagen (DK)

Performance of Iannis Xenakis linia agon with Clemens Gottschling and Heider Nasralla


02.12.2016: Akademie der Kunst, Berlin (DE)

Performance of Dmitri Kourliadski tube space for solo tuba, with the composer present


26.-29.11.2016: Potsdam (DE) and Berlin (DE)

Recording of Mendelssohn Reformationssymphonie (serpent) with Kammerakademie Potsdam (CD due for release Autumn 2017)


25.11.2016: Funkhaus, Hannover (DE)

Recording of John Stevens The Liberation of Sysiphus with Constantin Hartwig


10.-15.11.2016: Berlin (DE)

Opera Lab Berlin: WP of Evan Gardner Gunfighter Nation


06.11.2016 Berlin (DE)

Improvisation concert with Stefan Prins (electronics, Matthias Koole (guitar) and Matthew Conley (trumpet)


05.11.2016: Dom, Berlin (DE)

Berliner Domkantorei: Mendelssohn Refomationssymphonie (ophicleide)


04.-05.10.2016: Funkhaus, Cologne (DE)

Recording with WDR Symphony Orchestra (Hans Abrahamsen Two pieces in slow tempo)


25.09.-01.10.2016: Berlin (DE), Ankara (TU) and Istanbul (TU)

neophon ensemble: Aleppo Dialogues (WPs from Klaus Lang, Cathrine Lamb, Eziquiel Menalled, Aresh Yazdani, Konstantin Heuer and Stefan Pohlit)


11.09.2016: Philharmonie, Berlin (DE)

Guest tuba with Junge Deutsche Philharmonie under Jonathan Nott (Varèse Déserts), also broadcast on Digital Concert Hall


04.09.2016: Nikolaisaal, Potsdam (DE)

Concert with Kammerakademie Potsdam (Millhaud L'histoire du Babar)


30.08.-03.09.2016: Lucerne (CH)



25.08.2016: Imperial College, London (UK)

Performance and broadcast of Emily Howard Chaos or Chess (BP) for BBC Proms Extra


29.07.-14.08.2016: Darmstadt (DE)

International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt (WPs from Athena Corcoran-Tadd, Nigel McBride, Steve Daverson, Emily Howard, Asia Ahmetjanova and Evan Johnson)


11.-17.07.2016: Bassano del Grappa (IT)

Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream (complete) with Spira Mirabilis (ophicleide)


01.07.2016: Hannover (DE)

Workshop performances of new works for solo tuba


18.06.2016: Aalborg (DK)

Performance and workshop at Tubakraft with Matthias Johansson


11.06.2016: Manchester (UK)

Hot Botz Brass Band @ Park Life Festival


05.06.2016: Hannover (DE)

Concert for Danish Ambassador to Germany (arrangement of Jacob Gade Jalousy)


28.05.2016: Zürich (CH)

Filming session for Zurich Insurance and Oper Zurich


12.05.2016: New York (US)

Concert with The Rhythm Method


08.05.2016: Rochester (US)

Chamber music concert with Rosanna Moore (USP of composition Engführung)


05.05.2016: New York (US)

Seminar for Georg Friedrich Haas's composition class at Columbia University


29.04-01.05.2016: Biel (CH), Winterthur (CH) and Solothurn (CH)

Tour with Tod Machover FENSADENSE


24.04.2016: Friedenskirche, Potsdam (CH)

Chamber concert with Ivo Berg and Tobias Scheetz (WPs from Thomas Gerwin, Wolfgang Thiel and Ulrich Pogoda) as part of the Intersonanzen Festival


09.-10.04.2016: Thun (CH) and Bern (CH)

Tour with Tod Machover FENSADENSE


08.04.2016: Christuskirche, Hannover (DE)

Mauricio Kagel Der Müdliche Verrat


03.04.2016: St. John's Smith Square, London (UK)

Octandre Ensemble (Morton Feldman, James Tenny, BP from Christian Mason)


20.03.2016: Lucerne (CH)

Memorial concert for Pierre Boulez (contrabass tuba, contrabass trombone) directed by Matthias Pintscher


10.-13.03.2016: Lucerne (CH), Baden (CH)

Tour with Tod Machover FENSADENSE


26.-27.02.2016: Bremen (DE)

Winter Academy for Old Music (serpent) including performances of music by Scheidt and Métoyen


19.02.2016: Lucerne (CH)

Performance of George Aperghis Ruinen at Neubad following work with Uwe Dierksen and Marco Blaauw


12.02.2016: Paris (FR)

Work with George Aperghis on new edition of Parlando


03.02.2016: London (UK)

Seminar given to composers at Royal College of Music


01.02.2016: Durham (UK)

Seminar given to composition class at University of Durham


29.01.2016: Matt and Phred's, Manchester (UK)

Hot Botz Brass Band


15.01.2016: Bremen (DE)

Anton Wassilijew blood on the dancefloor (trombone)


11.12.2015: Lucerne (CH)

Acoustic test at Luzerner Theatre for Luigi Nono Prometeo


22.-25.11.2015: Vienna (AT), Mozarteum, Salzburg (AT)

Performance with Klangforum Wien under Beat Furrer


31.10.2015: Matt and Phred's, Manchester (UK)

Hot Botz Brass Band


30.10.2015: Oxford (UK)

Seminar at St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford


29.10.2015: Manchester (UK)

Workshop for composition class at RNCM


27.10.2015: Manchester (UK)

Workshop for tuba class at RNCM


16.-18.10.2015: Donaueschingen (DE)

Review of Donaueschinger Musiktage published in TEMPO No. 276


24.08.-19.09.2015: Lucerne (CH) and Philharmonie, Luxembourg (LX)

WP of Tod Machover FENSADENSE for 10 Hyperinstruments


23.08.2015: Lucerne (CH)

Review of A day for Pierre Boulez published in TEMPO No. 275


21.07.-08.08.2015: Potsdam (DE) and Rheinsberg (DE)

WP of Marc-Aurel Floros Adriana with Kammerakademie Potsdam as part of the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg Summer Festival


13.-16.07.2015: Kürten (DE)

Participation in the Stockhausen Courses


11.07.2015: Bremen (DE)

WP of Anton Wasillijew threesome (contrabass tuba)


09.-19.07.2015: Darmstadt (DE)

Luigi Nono Promoteo with Staatstheatre Darmstadt (solo tuba/euphonium/alto trombone)


10.-11.06.2015: Doha (QA)

Invitation to audition with Qatar Symphony Orchestra (finalist)


22.-27.05.2015: Berlin (DE), Rostock (DE)

neophon ensemble, portrait concert of Walter Zimmermann


08.03.2015: Funkhaus, Cologne (DE)

WP of Engführung for tuba and harp (commissioned by WDR), performed by Hans Nickel and Andreas Mildner


22.02.2015: Lions Club, Hannover (DE)

Performance of J. S. Bach Partita for solo flute on tuba


18.02.2015: Basilika St. Clemens, Hannover (DE)

Chamber music concert on serpent (works from Frescobaldi, Castello, Fontana and Monteverdi)


17.02.2015: Emmichplatz 1, Hannover (DE)

Solo Recital (works from Nono, Haas, Scelsi, Donatoni, Carter and Aperghis)


29.01.2015: CNSMD Paris (FR)

Masterclass given to Gérard Buquet's tuba class


28.01.2015: Basel (CH)

Work with Vinko Globokar on Juriritubaïoka (WP to composer)


13.-17.01.2015: Philarmonie, Cologne (DE)

Shostakovich Fourth Symphony with the WDR Symphony Orchestra under Jukka-Pekka Saraste


05.12.2014: Unitarian Church, Brighton (UK)

Recital with pianist Joe Ward


13.11.2014: Emmichplatz 1, Hannover (DE)

Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture (ophicleide)


23.-28.09.2014: Glasgow (UK), Aberdeen (UK), Edinburgh (UK)

Shostakovich Tenth Symphony with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Donald Runnicles


17.08.-10.09.2014: Lucerne (CH), Kölner Philharmonie (DE)

LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY (with Sir Simon Rattle, Heinz Holliger, Barbara Hannigan, Matthias Pintscher, Helmut Lachenmann, WP from Unsuk Chin)


02.-16.08.2014: Darmstadt (DE)

International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt (performance of works by Globokar, Scelsi, Donatoni)


12.07.2014: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Plathner's Eleven (Franco Donatoni CHE)


25.06.2014: Emmichplatz 1, Hannover (DE)

WP from Jung-eun Park (brass quintet)


30.05.2014: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Tubissimo VII (arrangements of works by John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Eric Whitacre etc.)


24.05.2014: Bremen (DE)

Luigi Nono Post-prae-Ludium No. 1 "per Donau"


14.05.2014: Emmichplatz 1, Hannover (DE)

Helmut Lachenmann ...zwei Gefühle...


07.-16.03.2014: Mexico City (MX)

Dresdener Sinfoniker (Revueltas, Zappa, WP from Enrico Chapela)


19.-22.02.2014: City Halls, Glasgow (UK)

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Ilan Volkov (WP from Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Frith and George Lewis)


05.-12.02.2014: Tokyo (JP) and Nagoya (JP)

Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin: Hybride Musik


04.11.-14.12.2013: Aalborg (DK)

Guest Solo Tuba with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra (Repertoire including Dvorak 8th Symphony, Strauss Don Juan, and Elgar In The South)


21.-26.10.2013: Berlin (DE), Philharmonie, Essen (DE)

Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin: Hybride Musik (WP from Roland Pfrengle)


17.08.-10.09.2013: Lucerne (CH)

LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY (with Pierre Boulez, David Robertson, Pablo-Heras Cassado etc.)


08.07.2013: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Masters Recital (Works from Frescobaldi, J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Gilbert and Xenakis)


15.05.2013: Hannover, DE

WP from Jedrez Tymuzuk (tuba quartet)


21.04.2013: Bromsgrove, UK

Bromsgrove Young Artist Platform (finalist)


28.02.2013: Kestnergesellschaft (Hannover, DE)

Solo performance


13.02.2013: Markuskirche, Hannover (DE)

Tuba quartet concert (GP of own composition Little Suite for Chubazz)


05.02.2013: Over-Seas House, London (UK)

Royal Over-Seas League Music Competition, Wind Section (finalist)


02.02.2013: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Tubissimo VI (soloist in Vivaldi Concerto for two violins in D minor (self-arrangement))


23.01.2013: Emmichplatz 1, Hannover (DE)

Lecture to composition students at Hochschule für Musik, Theatre und Medien Hannover


21.10.2012: The Castle, Manchester (UK)

Hot Botz Brass Band


14.07.2012: Altstadt, Hannover (DE)

Klassik in der Altstadt (prize winner)


02.06.2012: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Tubissimo V (Kagel Mirum, WP of Divertimento for tuba ensemble)


14.04.2012: Akademie der Kunst, Berlin (DE)

DAAD Scholars concert (Stockhausen In Freundschaft)


09.12.2011: Plathnerstraße 35, Hannover (DE)

Tubissimo IV


16.10.2011: Clare College, Cambridge (UK)

Hot Botz Brass Band @ Clare Cellars


25.-29.07.2011: King's Place, London (UK)

London Sinfonietta Academy under David Purser and Pierre-André Valade


19.06.2011: Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (UK)

Gold Medal Recital (including WPs from Robin Stevens, Simon Parkin, Tom Coult, BP from Karlheinz Stockhausen)